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Among Shooter Kill Impostor

A shooting game where you take on the role of a Shooter who is in an arcade. In this Shooter game, you are required to shoot all the impostor shooter character images that appear on the screen. The objective is to shoot as many impostor image as possible before time runs out and the Arcade is closed for good. Can you do it? Good luck :) If you like Shoot Em Up games, action games with shooting and arcade games, then this game is perfect for

Shoot game,action, imposter, astronauts, 3d, shot, weapon, er, unity. Shoot game is an arcade game where you have to shoot the target. This mission will teach you how to launch a rocket and how to shoot targets accurately. Have fun shooting targets in this arcade style shooter

If you think that shooting someone in the face is a bad thing, you should see what it’s like to be

How to play Among Shooter Kill Impostor

Using Mouse

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