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The art of playing hard is a difficult one to master. When you’re playing with the boys, it’s all about being tough and throwing the monsters off balance. There’s no reason why you can’t be an equally competitive gamer when you’re with your friends; most importantly, have some FUN whilst doing it! Slay Monsters is a casual and fun online game where players take on the role of Dungeon Master, building their own dungeons and hiring other players to help them complete their quests. Each player chooses a color and immortalizes themselves in an illustrated pixelated world as a lethal dungeon master. What started off as a challenge for our team has now become a fun collaborative

Everything is difficult for a beginner. However, if you have the courage to start again and persevere, there is no limit to what you can achieve. That’s the story of Kanojo ga Sugoi! (English: Can You Become A Girl) game as told by its author, who, at just 26 years of age, already has a successful career in front of him. This article will highlight some of his key learnings on how to become a better programmer and games journalist while also raising a

Your brain has a limited capacity to process information. With time, your memory gets better and you can retain information longer. But if you try to read or watch the same document more than once, you start to struggle. It’s the same with games. You have to play them over and over again in order to get the full experience. It’s only when you give yourself a break from playing games that you can enjoy them again and

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