slope game


slope game

Slope unblocked game is a great speed game just for the HERO who has a keen eye for eyes, quick hands and a great head. Hey guys, how long can you survive in slope?

Needless to say, Slope game is not for the faint of heart. But if you are looking for a way to test your reflexes in one of the hardest-running type games around, then this game is for you! How long can you survive in the crazy 3D world of slopes?

Features, characteristics

  • Neon graphics and eye-catching.
  • Quick change of course becomes more difficult and unpredictable.
  • Tons of crazy obstacles in the form of barricades, dangerous pit and wall killer.
  • See who is the best – and try to beat them – on the leaderboard.
  • Full screen mode is available.
  • Communication
  • Slopes are built using Unity 3D and are available through a web browser (using WebGL).


This game was developed by Rob Kay, an SF based game developer, the main designer of Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

Tutorial & Game Controls

  • Steer with the arrow keys, avoid obstacles and adjust the gravity. Do not bump into the red walls!


Arrow left = Move left
Right arrow = Move right

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