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Temple Raider

Temple Raider, a fast-paced endless runner inspired by classic games like Temple Run and Bejeweled. Start off as a hunter and use themage abilities to move faster and reach hidden targets. Hunt animals, collect eggs, flowers, herbs and more to raise your health and mana levels. As you progress through the levels, upgrade your weapon and ability to defeat wildlife and obstacles. Utilize all your senses while playing Runescape This amazing game : run, jump and explore the beautiful environment — both indoor and outdoor — run along walls, avoid obstacles such as spikes, pits or lions — help yourself get past or avoid obstacles that are getting in your way — explore four distinctive environments — each with unique challenges: The Jungle Jungle is filled with trees that block visibility. You need to move quickly or give up and stay back until you find a less difficult route across it All floors must be climbed before attempting a new one The Jungle 2 All floors must be climbed before attempting a new one The Volcano Volcanos are home to fiery foes that require agility skills from all players You can only access these floors using special escalators New types

As a This game you have to complete as many levels as possible in the most efficient way. You will be running from enemy groups and trying to get as much gold as possible. The game is endless, but you can’t run forever so keep pressing the Run button and RUN! This game is an arcade runner style game where you have to run through various levels avoiding obstacles and reaching your destination as fast as possible. Use your turbo button to overcome speed related problems like speed bumps, stairs, ladders and more. The longer you hold the button the faster you go. Get ready for some intense runs with this addictive and fun pixel graphics As a This amazing game You have to Complete As Many Levels As Possible In The Most Efficient Way Gameplay: Simple control - tap on the screen to run Avoiding obstacles - make it across gaps by jumping over them Utilizing all available means - boost through walls or other obstacles without getting hurt Environments - race between different levels with different challenges or objectives For more information about Temple Raider s or our other games visit http://wwwYou can also find us on:Facebook: https://wwwfollow@facebookGoogle+: https://plus/you/100114438257865667?ref=hlTwitter: … Medium Post Your Top 5 App Store Riddles With These App Store

Welcome to Temple Run: Jungle, the fan-favorite running game that brings your favorite Egyptology characters straight to life! Help ÜuuaL, the Temple Guardian, protect his sacred temple from monsters by running through obstacles in this fun and fast-paced run ‘n jump game. Utilize weapons such as the scimitar to cut your way through monster hordes; magical staves that shoot bolts of lightning or freezing traps; and even a machete to chop your way through enemies. Once you master the basics such as running, jumping and hiding in shrubs, you can try out different ways to finish each level - including bribing monsters with delicious organic fruit, hiding from certain death at the hands of a dragon or simply running until you run out of

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