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BigHead Wall Run

Are you a fan of the wall run or are you a fan of running? This game is for first glance,you might think this is just another jumping game,but those thinkings would be one is completely different from other jumping games in that it’s all about the wall on walls and obstacles in order to get as far as possible without falling beware,the further you jump,the higher the concrete walls get,and the more difficult it becomes to hit the ground again. Don’t worry though,there are tons of hyper casual games out there that don’t expect you to have any skill whatsoever so playing this game even if you’re not very good at it isn’t gonna make you feel bad. Rather,it will be a source of endless fun because Wall run challenges are what this game is all about. There are many different types of race in this game and each one has its own unique reward system. You start out with only 1 star which can only be increased through advancing through the different ranks. The further up your rank goes,the harder it becomes to land on your feet again but every time you score a new high score,your star level increases by 1 more making it much easier to reach higher levels again and again! Time to master those wall

The first wall run game you’ll play that actually challenges you. And the best part is, it’s as addictive as it is challenging! Eliminate as many of the falling blocks as you can by running them into other blocks of the same color. To be more accurate, wall RUN! Sounds easy enough but, try playing this game for longer periods of time and you’ll soon see that it’s anything but! The last thing you want to do in this fast-paced world is slow down. But how long can you keep trying to break through that last gray block before giving up and moving on to something easier? Get ready because here comes the

Get ready to wall run your way through all the obstacles in this endless running

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Using Mouse

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