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Color Slope

The hottest new tech is the WebGL API. It's a low-level API that is used to render 3D graphics in web pages. It's similar to the OpenGL API, which you are probably more familiar with, but it has some important differences. When you use the WebGL API, you are not limited to using only one color. That is because it uses a different set of colors called the WebGL Color

The color of the ball depends on how hard you swing. In this game, you need to hit the ball into a glass hoop as far as possible. Make sure that the Smart Ball is connected to your device via Bluetooth. The more you play, the better your scores and accuracy will improve. You can also challenge friends to a race or play solo in local multiplayer

Use your game skills to shoot colored spheres of different sizes toward a white

How to play Color Slope

Description Color Slope features a speed ball in a curvy upward slope that has to match its colorControlsAD or arrow keys to control ball

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