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Flappy Birdy

How to play? Just playing this game will make you addicted. As a flappy bird, you have to guide your bird through the many levels. Be careful not to hit the walls or you will be advised by your genius computer-controlled master to stop and die. Have Fun! > Controls Use only the mouse to play. The Sound & Video Player can be found on IPHONE/IPAD - —————————————————————————————————————————————— This game is based on the famous “Flappy Bird” game where you have to control a Flappy Bird and avoid getting hit by other flapping birds as much as possible. The objective of the game is very simple – just fly through the levels, making sure that you don’t hit any walls or other birds. If you think that this game is too easy, then feel free to challenge yourself with harder difficulties; all these levels are pretty challenging! Have fun and happy

What’s the best game you can play on your iphone or Android device? The Flappy Birdy! Well, that’s … until now. HyperCasual has brought the classic game back – with a twist. It’s not just the original Flappy Bird that’s in vogue these days; it’s Flappy Birdy in all its stylised glory. So whether you’re a nostalgic flier looking for an arcade experience without the drop through platforming, or a freshly converted tomb raider looking for an alternative take on your favourite mobile game, we think you’ll enjoy this retro spin on the Flappy Bird

It’s been a long time since Flappy Bird was at the top of the charts. The game hasn’t been updated for almost a year and it seems that no one can make a decent Flappy Bird clone. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of good games out there. These are the best flappy game clones from around the web

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