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Grinch Chase Santa

The Grinch had not been happy that year. After all the work he'd put into getting ready for the big day, he was left underfoot with a bunch of ungrateful children. They didn't care that he worked very hard to provide for their needs and save them from the cold, wet ground; they didn’t realize that there was a real Grinch on earth and that he needed their help. With their help, he could steal Christmas again - and live to make it up to them in the new year. Let's face it, life is but an adventure if you let it

The Grinch went to the North Pole and stole Santa’s Christmas. Now, he’s locked in a race against time to get it back. With the help of his friends, The Grinch will have to work fast because if he’s going to catch Santa, he has to be there first. But The Grinch is not so quick on his feet. And with so many obstacles in his way, he’ll need all his snarky holiday levels of Santa Claus friends to help him outsmart and outrun The Grinch all the way to the finish

Frosty the Reindeer is in over his head. Santa Claus has a busy night, and he needs all the help he can get getting all the toys for his elves and for the kids. It’s time to put Frosty’s talents to use. He has to capture the North Pole’s most dreaded reindeer, Bloopers! Yes, Bloopers is one of Santa’s most difficult reindeers to catch. But with Frosty’s unique skillset and his love of playing games, he will succeed where many Santas have

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