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Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Drive an excavator at high speed through a series of increasingly challenging 3D obstacle

Every game has its limits. As you can imagine, the world of computer and video games is no different. Even though we have seen some amazing games in our time, some of them are bound to leave you feeling underwhelmed - especially when they sell for a few dollars. Enter Horizon, a brand new 3D tunneling action game from the creators of Stalker. It may not have the ear-splitting music and breathtaking camera angle of its predecessor, but this third-person tunneling shooter still delivers plenty of thrills and chills. You play as Daniel who survives an attack on his POW camp in 1987 and must evade Soviet soldiers as you make your way to freedom through claustrophobic subterranean tunnels. The game shows a darker side of 20th-century Russia, with violence, betrayal and a struggle for power all playing out through the lens of an immersive 3D adventure game

Runner and gunner are terms that usually mean the same thing to most people — a player who continuously moves the ball down the field by kicking it. But what if you have to run instead? What if your only option is to shoot your arrow across a tunnel of sand and hope you don’t get stuck here forever? You might be a marksman, but at least with a tunnel-vision approach you’ll have an edge over your enemies. If nothing else, this concept will give you something to stay awake for — right up until the sequel comes out in

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