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Horizon 2

3D slope racing game with a futuristic theme. The player controls a car down a 3d-sloped road at high speed. The car has two turbo boost options – one for acceleration and the other for slipperiness. The boosts are triggered by pressingan icon on the road surface or by holding down the left mouse button. The boosts can be used to drift around opponents, either by themselves or in combination with other driver skills. The more boosts an opponent has, the more difficult it will be for them to drive their vehicle effectively. The best way to gainboosts is to drift around your opponents and launch yourself off the side of buildings or pylons. If you are very accurate and good at controlling your vehicle, you will gain boost simply by driving on 3d slopes that are not inclined at all or extremely gently. Manually accelerating and decelerating will not get you any extra boost because they do not affect traction in any significant way. You have to runaway, which is what most players do when they want to gain an unfair advantage over their

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How to play Horizon 2

Using Mouse

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