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Slope Extra

The ball is in your court. You’ve been chosen to score the most points during a round of “Rollerball”, a fun and casual board game for 2 to 4 players. Each round, you need to score as many points as possible by matching the same colored balls with similar characteristics. You know how it goes; your two friends and you playing alone, or with a group of friends? The basic premise remains the same, but the rules are different. The objective is no longer just to make the most points; now, you have to push the limits by getting creative and making sure that your strategy doesn’t fall into any one of these

The boys are back in town and they’re bringing their favorite pastime with them! Get ready to roll your ball, slice it, and score points by making any object go through a hoop. Collect as many stars as you can by defying gravity! This arcade game will have you rollin' out the door for more play

The ultimate game of sliding and shooting! Quickly take down your opponents with slanted shots, then score more points to dominate the competition. The best way to reach the top is by rolling, so get ready to slide, shot and score like a pro in this thrilling new game from Bored

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