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SoniK Run

New and innovative racing games keep on coming. Enter the world of kiz10, an endless runner inspired by classic arcade games such as Mortal Kombat, James Bond 007, and F-16. You have 20 minutes to get from start to finish as fast as you can. But that’s not all: there are now 6 different game modes which will give you a completely new experience each time you play. You might be the fastest but not the e… But wait! There's more! Get ready for tunnel running, zombie kiz10, death kiz10 and “death defying” mode. This game has it all! And if that weren't enough, we've introduced a brand new character called Minekka - a cute and fluffy penguin who is sure to steal your heart! Good luck and have

In this run-through, you will learn how to play, and win at, “Monkey GO Happy”, a casual Japanese word game that’s easy to learn, a joy to play, and a great way to kill some time on a long train ride or plane ride. It’s also known as “Kizumonogatari” (lit. “Monkey Kingdom”) in Japan, where it originated over 200 years ago. Monograph: A Simple Japanese Word

In this game, you run as fast as you can. Your top speed is 10 km/h and you can only run for a limited amount of time. The only way to upgrade your speed is to collect stars and complete levels. You start out with one life, so go easy on yourself if you get tired. If you get too tired, just stop and wait for your character to catch up or rest at a safe

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Using Mouse

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