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Squid Squad Mission Revenge

In this Squid Squad Mission Revenge game you take control of the sniper in squid squad and have to follow a specific mission,but a lot has changed!In the original version of the game,the squid squad was wiped out by aliens. Back then,you were given only one chance to succeed on a mission: You had to get your friends back. But now… It’s not just about revenge. You are part of a bigger team now with different objectives and new strategies need to be considered. So prepare for a stand-up fight with alien squid or just run and gun? Your choice is yours,just make sure you have an egg as backup before going in! The rules have changed again,so what are you waiting for? Change history

The Game: Squid Squad Mission Revenge, run, arcade, sniper, kiz10 Squid Squad Mission Revenge is an action-packed action shooter set in a submarine world. You take control of one of four elite frogmen who are assigned to eliminate the leader of the squid squad. Your mission? To hunt them down and eliminate them from underwater operations forever. The squid squad is one of the most feared and effective underwater terrorist groups in the world. They have already taken over half of our oceans and destro … see game description » CancelSavantEngineering - Cinematic Synthwave (2015) Steam:

Save the World from an Unrelenting Army of Squids - In this action-packed adventure, you assume the role of a squid slinger! Your mission: to save the world from an unrelenting army of squids that are determined to silence humanity. Use cannons, machine guns and rocket launchers to take out dozens of enemy squid swarms at once. Avoid exploding barrels and tanks by zig-zagging across maps that are filled with tricky traps and deadly goo. Collect power-ups such as speed boosters and invincibility buses to take down the squids more efficiently. Run, jump and shoot your way through numerous adrenaline-pumping missions in this unique shooter

How to play Squid Squad Mission Revenge

Instruction Instructions: Point and shoot with the mouse Touch the screen on mobile devices.

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