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Super RunCraft

A new game is here! This one is more fun than the last, and there will be much more to discover in this world of mines and obstacles than you could have ever imagined. This time, you are a miner who has been tasked with running a mining operation. You head out into the mine to start digging for ore, but as soon as you get there, something else begins to take shape within its walls. Something that only a few people have ever seen before - a brand-new kind of Adventure. You will explore various caverns, tunnels, and runcrafters that have never been explored before. There will be danger from hidden creatures and other miners, along with bosses to defeat. When all the work is done and it’s time to bring home the gold, travel around this world with your friends or on your own to mine even more

The story so far: Once upon a time, there was a man named Man. He had two sons, Keen and Dan. One day, Man was tired of watching his sons play with their books all the time. So he got a pen and paper and started playing app games with them. When he was done playing, he handed each of them a piece of paper. The papers were different colors - green for Keen, yellow for Dan, and red for Man himself! The game was simple - as long as you could make your opponent pick a different color than you, you won! But that wasn’t even the best part — each level added more colors to the game until it came to an end. How many colors could Keen and Dan solve before they ran out of

What’s in a name? Well, there’s a whole lot of things when you call your game RunCraft. It might have nothing to do with running or even playing Minecraft but instead it is an open-source, cross-platform game that brings together the world’s best players to create endless levels together called runs. The game was created by redditor kiz10 who is also known as ‘the last human player of This post will detail what RunCraft is, how it works and why you should download and play it once it becomes available on Steam Early Access on February

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