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Super Slope Game

HAHAHA. Yes, yes, again we play the same game! The only difference is that this time you are a ball and we are the mountain who try to stop it from going through our hole. This is a simple yet very fun and addicting strategy game where you control a ball (or a group of them) that tries to go through a hole in the ground so that it can get some chocolate cake. But be careful, the holes may look simple but they are all made from really hard stuff! What length of rope should I use to slow down my players? How many flattops should I buy? How many referees should I hire to stop them from playing too fast? How many Total Slope Game rules should I make? What color hat should I buy? And how much do you want to bet on this game?!?? I’ll give you a hint: it’s lots and lots of

Are you a Slope Skater? Do you have what it takes to master the art of playing on a slope? If yes then this game is for you! This game is all about observation and timing. If you get the slope right,you'll gain speed. If not,you'll go out of control and fall down messily. But that's just the beginning. You need to master the art of moving while falling,of moving while standing still,and of even moving while standing still in an odd direction. That's how you become the best skater on earth! Get ready to learn how to Skate Like an Olympic

Welcome to the 3D version of your favorite ball game! It's still fun, fast-paced and competitive - just play with 3D players instead of 2D players! You can now challenge friends or strangers directly from your phone. The best part is that this isn't just a solo cup game: anyone can join in on the fun as a spectator or

How to play Super Slope Game

Description Have fun with this exclusive new game in kiz10 enjoy Super Slope Game have fun controlling the sphere in 3d to go as far as you can in a cubic world with 3D graphics. Super Slope Game game is a 3D running game with perfect controls, amazing speed, and an addictive gameplay. Control the ball, avoid the obstacles and boost over ramps and jump from platform to platform to survive this endless game. Experience the ultimate adrenaline of max speed and multiple game modes, like classic, colors, neon and real mode. Key Features Collect diamonds and buy new ball skins to increase the speed and ball control and see how high of a score you can get! Instruction Instructions: Move the sphere with the mouse from left to right or touch the screen on mobile devices.

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